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    Mình xin chia sẻ 1 video dạy cách phát cầu ngắn cực kỳ bổ ích cho người chơi cầu lông,mọi người nhớ theo dõi hết nhé ^^

    - Explanation: This type of serve is most commonly used in doubles matches. Aim to hit the shuttle so it just clears the net and lands as close to the service line as possible, but it must touch the line at least, if it drops short it will not count.

    Keeping the shuttle low and short will make it very difficult for an opponent to hit an attacking return.

    - How: Start in the same way as the High Serve but stand as close to the service line as possible without actually touching it.

    Holdin the racket using the handshake grip. Start facing side on, with feet about shoulder width apart, with the non-dominant foot being in front (closer to the net). The shuttle should be held at waist level, swing the racket arm back and cock the wrist and hand. Release the shuttle and transfer body weight from back to front.

    Bring the racket down and forward to make contact with the shuttle around the thigh area. There should not be much wrist action with this serve as it is pushed over the net rather than hit. Complete a follow through by bringing the racket up in line with the direction of the shuttle, and finish with the racket over the opposite shoulder. The body should now be facing the opponent by bringing the hips and shoulders around.
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